#WFH series 17: Be Here and Now Shelvin Prasetio and Nesya Jessiko of The Pot Cartel. 

Take note of how they make use of their time in quarantine by being present and finding joy in the simple things, as this can be a very humbling experience. You might even surprise yourself with what you can create, when you add a dose of curiosity and some healthy habits to the mix.

#WFH series 16: Documenting Life with Emmelyn Gunawan of Canaan Studio. 

Presenting you a mini-documentary full of cherished memories and overcoming challenges featuring Emmelyn Gunawan, the aspirational woman behind Canaan Studio and co-founder of Niniveh Space.


#WFH series 14: One Fine Sky.

Discover how the two founders continue to hold close their ‘Do Good Wear Good’ principle, something we feel has become especially significant during this time of crisis.