Together with Yang Hartono and Danny Permadi, let us appreciate craftsmanship that stand the test of time, one-off statement pieces, and beautiful imperfections. As fellow maximalists, we want to show how you can expand your artistic collection without them turning into clutter. Presenting you with functional pieces that are easy on the eyes. 

Designer Feature #5: Danny Permadi. 

Today’s topic is about embracing our cultural roots, so we spoke to Danny about what tradition means to him and the personal mementos he hold close, wrapped up with a tinge of wholesome post-pandemic thoughts. Read on to get to know Danny!

#WFH series 1: Rumpun Maison. 

We would like to share positivity to everyone who are having hard times to motivate themselves. We have asked to our favorite dynamic duo, Yang Hartono and Danny Permadi of Rumpun Maison on how they overcome #WFH season with positivity and self love.