Cempaka Bag

by Rakit by Nazla

IDR 497.250,00 IDR 585.000,00

Cempaka Bag in Yellow and Pink, handmade by Rakit exclusively for Canaan Studio.

Inspired by the playful bursts of colours, each bag is as unique as members of a family, yet there is a sense of cohesion that ties the entire collection together. Hand-crocheted with love, these exclusive bags will make a reliable companion for your everyday activities. 

Rakit by Nazla began in 2020 with a penchant for handcrafted objects and accessories. Creative and versatile, Nazla's crafted items exudes playfulness with gender-neutral appeal for all ages. 


Dimension: 18 H x 26 L cm 


Care instructions: 

  • Dry clean whenever possible
  • Avoid putting items that are too heavy to minimise stretching


    Made in Indonesia