20/20 Zine

by Kamboja Press x Further Reading x Chris Bunjamin

IDR 150.000,00

20/20 Zine, a joint project by Kamboja Press, Binatang Press, Further Reading and Hendrian Irfan. This zine is a collaborative risograph publication that celebrates independent Indonesian creators and innovators across the globe. 

In collaboration with 40 contributors, including Niniveh co-founder Chris Bunjamin: 

Agan Harahap, Agugn, Ainun Raditya, Aji Susanto Anom, Alif Ibrahim, Allysha Nila, Almer, Anathapindika & Liza Markus, Andrea Reza, Andro Kristian, Ayos Purwoaji, Chris Bunjamin, Cinanti Astria Johansjah, Daily Report, Dara Larasati, Deby Sucha, Dolby, EMTE, Evan Aditya, Hilarius Jason & Try Sutrisno, Hilmy Pratama, Innas Tsuroiya, IQBALMWD, Jasmine Ansori, Kuncir Sathya Viku, Lutfi Aufar, MAGAFAKA, Monica Hapsari, P.L., Prihatmoko Moki, Rega Rahman, Resatio, Risa Astrini, Rukmunal Hakim, Ruth Marbun, Salsabila Anisah Rizky, Sandi Sanjaya, Sandy Karman, Tasia Sugiyanto, and Zanun.

As the volatile situation prolonged, we spend more days inside our homes and slowly adapting to a current domestic environment. Most activities are done indoors within the comfort of the home, but on the other hand, as the world is now more 'connected', we too bring the 'public' homes. Home is no longer only for the private, but the public: our colleagues, even idols and strangers.

It makes us reimagine our current domestic and non-domestic environment. What is considered domestic (private, familiar, tame) and non-domestic (public, unfamiliar, foreign) and how the two coexist under the same roofs. Are we all still separated individuals or are we all connected nonetheless?

Black, blue, and red risograph inks on certified paper

Dimension: 12.7 L x 19 H cm

Made in Indonesia