6 Month Cruise Incense Stick

IDR 148.000,00

6 Month Cruise Incense Stick by Sumayé


Unique crafted blends of fragrance to deliver a space of comfort. Introducing 5 different scents that comes in 20 sticks (22 cm) , 45 minutes burning time.

A dark take on a floral string of accords.

Running to the wide plains of field overviewing the ocean rushing with fresh notes of mint. An exotic flower party awaiting starting from the tuberose mingling with ylang ylang and ending with jasmine. Capturing a never-ending happiness in a dream.

Top: Geranium, Ocean, Mint

Heart: Tuberose, Musk

Base: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine



Wood powder, Coconut Bark, Bamboo, Fragrance Oil