Margaret Yap

'A Floating Cloud' II Ceramic Lamp

IDR 1.520.000,00 IDR 1.900.000,00

The explicit version of 'A Floating Cloud' Ceramic Lamp collection by Margaret Yap, exclusive for Niniveh and Canaan Studio. Handmade and uniquely yours.


About the Floating Cloud

Up the head is flying! The cloud's head is floating home. On the road, the cloud passes through a queer looking hole. Inside the hole is a monsters' world - keen creatures who are looking for a picnic day. Whoozh.. whoozh.. whoozh.. The cloud arrives at a sunflower field, playing hide-and-seek for some time, it finds itself feeling woozy. So the cloud zig-zags its way home. 

For Margaret Yap, pottery allows her to wander within her own mind space and design senses. Her explosive imagination, abstract and psychedelic, is what gives birth to the objects' unique shape and signature pattern.


Light bulb and fitting included. 

Dimension: 21 H x 30 L x 24 W cm with 7 cm body height


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Made in Indonesia