Albers Tufted Rug

by Studio Door

IDR 880.000,00

Albers Tufted Rug by Studio Door.

The Bauhausian mini rug series is Studio Door’s first article release, and each composition is influenced by affluent Bauhaus thinkers with the intention to keep the spirit and ideals of Bauhaus alive. The Bauhaus movement itself is a philosophy in which art, design, form, function and human presence is interconnected. An ideology for the material world to reflect a unity of all the arts, they are characterised by functional shapes, balanced geometrical lines and industrial features.


Studio Door is an interdisciplinary design studio who focuses on home decor products and the brainchild of graphic designer and photographer Luthfi Kautsar and spatial designer Arieska Primanda. The brand first started as a personal interest and great love for historical furniture that materialized. As designers who value historical significance and context, they create products that are not only beautifully-designed but also heavily imbued with historical meaning. Resulting in quality design items set in a tone of bright, playful and colourful design gestures.


Dimension: 60 H x 80 L x 1 W cm 

Available for in-store pickup at Niniveh

100% Japanese acrylic yarn, 100% Cotton-base cloth and synthetic latex adhesive

Care instructions: 

  • Vacuum clean regularly
  • Do not pull on yarn (cut if neccessary)
  • Rotate occasionally
  • In case of spill, wipe with a sponge or damp cloth 
  • Professional cleaning is recommended 


Sewn and produced in Indonesia