An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery

by Lisa Walker

IDR 750.000,00
An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery by Lisa Walker
Launched at Melbourne Art Book Fair, ‘An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery’ accompanied the retrospective exhibition Lisa Walker: She Wants To Go To Her Bedroom But She Can’t Be Bothered. This volume asks New Zealand jeweller Lisa Walker, ‘What is jewellery?’ In doing so, it foregrounds the act of asking questions and the pleasure and importance of the ‘as yet understood’. The narratives that emerge within this book offer an open ended reflection on Lisa’s work, moving across different time periods, going off on tangents but returning to the many concerns of the field in which Lisa has so firmly embedded herself.
Widely regarded as one of New Zealand’s most influential contemporary jewellers, Lisa Walker has received numerous New Zealand and international awards. Her work directly challenges the accepted notions of what is beautiful or precious. She is continually pushing towards the extreme – a style of working which enables her to expand her thinking and ways of working, and this breaks down conceptual barriers about just what constitutes jewellery. Lisa uses a vast range of materials and construction methods, often featuring everyday materials not regarded as particularly special or precious. She playfully reworks them, creating new and surprising relationships between these materials, creating objects that consciously simmer with influences from all aspects of culture and life. 
Edited by Kate Rhodes and Nella Themelios 
Graphic Design by Ziga Testen and Kim Mumm Hansen

Dimensions: 13 L x 18 H cm 
472 pages
Published by RMIT Design Hub, Australia
Launched in 2018