Awan Series 2 Top

by Sula Studio

IDR 790.000,00

Awan Series 2 Top, hand-assembled by Sula Studio.

Shifting winds colliding east with west, the Awan signifies enduring modernity. Hailing from Cirebon, West Java, this distinctive motif is synonymously known as 'Mega Mendung' - originally inspired by the reflection of clouds upon a puddle of water after tropical rain. Signifying its journey through time and tradition the Awan series is a combination of Batik Tjap meticulously hand-stamped in West Java.

Sula Studio is youthful, fluid, and feminine. Its cornerstone is forged on its attention to detail and whimsical sensibilities, thriving on refreshing bursts of colours and subtle elegance. 

One size 

Designed in Indonesia

Made in Hong Kong