Ideal Intense (10 ml)

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Ideal Intense by Femmue.

This serum contains a high collagen content that increases the skin’s elasticity and fights off signs of ageing - all while combating fine lines and leaving your skin velvety-smooth in an instant. Formulated with the extract of the Camellia flower, CAMELIA EX and Celike™,  helps nourish, improve, and tighten the skin’s texture. The botanical estrogen PHYTRODEN™ re-activates the skin’s natural collagen production and elasticity. 

  A cruelty-free skincare brand from South Korea, Femmue embodies the latest innovation in modern botanical cosmetics. Stemming from passion for the energy of flowers, they have developed their ingredients as "flower therapy" for the body and mind.


Ideal for sensitive skin  

Available in 10ml and 30ml


Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in South Korea