Cisco & the Sun

Dewi Rice Bowl in Cloudy White

IDR 250.000,00

Dewi Rice Bowl in Cloudy White, handmade by Cisco & The Sun Home.

Inspired by our Indonesian home, the Dewi Rice Bowl is made for dishes that require a mountain of rice, or alternatively for serving ceviche’s and soups.

Handmade pottery created with the Japanese ideology of 'wabi-sabi', the acceptance of beauty in imperfection; therefore each piece holds unique variances. A lifetime piece resilient to conventional cracks and aging, giving the feel of comfort beyond the senses that permeates from hand to soul. 

Cisco & the Sun uses clay sourced from mineral rich regions of Bali and Cambodia. 

Dimensions: 12.5 D x 5.5 H cm

Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in Indonesia