Eau De Camelia (190ml)

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A multifunctional toner made from Camellia Flower Water & 80% Camellia flower petal extract. Good for cleansing & balancing the pH level of the skin, combating dryness and roughness. Eau De Camelia was created as a solution to the contamination of waterways in big cities & metropolitan areas that can damage the skin. This toner is formulated without alcohol or any other harsh chemicals. Eau De Camelia can also be used as a hydrating facial spray when your skin feels dull or dry.

A cruelty-free skincare brand from South Korea, Femmue embodies the latest innovation in modern botanical cosmetics. Stemming from passion for the energy of flowers, they have developed their ingredients as "flower therapy" for the body and mind

Ideal for dehydrated, oily, or dull skin 

Available sizes: 35ml and 190ml


Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in South Korea