Fanpages 2


IDR 1.155.000,00

Fanpages 2, the sequel by IDEA

The unimaginable zine-slash-hardcover book is back, revealing everyone's cult obsessions, from Beth Ditto's 90s celeb couples to Katie grand posing in her favourite Stephen Sprouse Dress, and including but by no means limited to Lil Kim and Crisp Packet Jewellery!  

Fanpages is the brainchild of Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett, as the cousin zine to Cheap Date, originally launched in London in 1997. Similarly, it's a collective of painfully fashionable bright young things, who celebrate the vast and varied potential of thrift as an antidote to the influence of commercial fashion. Thrift as political weapon, if you like, as dubbed by The Guardian. Where Cheap Date is not, the idea for Fanpages came when founders Kira and Bay were thinking about adding a page given over to the fandom - no matter how cheesy. 


Dimension: 21 L x 29.7 H cm

128 pages

Published by IDEA, London