Gold Note B-7 Ceramic Tonearm

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 30.460.000,00

B-7 Ceramic Tonearm from Audio Nirvana.

This high-precision tonearm by Gold Note combined with almost any cartridge will bring to life the most natural and detailed music. Made of high-quality materials as ceramic and titanium, B-7 is Gold Note's flagship model tonearm and a must-have upgrade for every true High-End analog set-up.

Audio Nirvana is a curated selection of audio system and accessories personally hand-picked by Chris Bunjamin.

In 2012, Maurizio Aterini founded Gold Note with his wife Elena Basciano, partner Alessio Oronti, and a team of specialized technicians and engineers. Gold Note becomes a high-end audio brand that speaks a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of Italian-made to the whole world. The spirit of their audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future by combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition, namely Tuscany's artistic history and Florence's innovative Renaissance period. 

Product details: 

  • Typology:  9" Ball Bearing Tonearm
  • Overhang: 19mm
  • Offset:  24°
  • Arm wand:  Straight Titanium with 6 different sections
  • Inserting Plinth Shaft:  23mm
  • Dynamic effective mass:  10g
  • VTF:  0.176N (18g)
  • VTA:  Adjustable on collar
  • Lift: Hydraulic
  • Anti-skating:  Wire 5 position
  • Azimuth:  Adjustable on the headshell
  • Internal cables:  AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,99% OFC
  • External cables supplied:  1,5m custom 4 pole DIN/RCA
  • Finishes: Black anodised Aluminium Shell and Pivot, Titanium Arm Wand, Stainless Steel natural Counterweight, Black Hydraulic Lift Board

Dimension: 24.2 L cm

Made of aluminium, ceramic and titanium

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Made in Italy