Gold Note CD-1000 Mk II CD Player

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 69.440.000,00

CD-1000 Mk II CD Player with integrated DAC from Audio Nirvana, a Gold Note state-of-the-art CD-player which integrates both a digital and an analogue stage in one elegant unit

In 2012, Maurizio Aterini founded Gold Note with his wife Elena Basciano, partner Alessio Oronti, and a team of specialized technicians and engineers. Gold Note becomes a high-end audio brand that speaks a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of Italian-made to the whole world. The spirit of their audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future by combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition, namely Tuscany's artistic history and Florence's innovative Renaissance period. 

Gold Note's award-winning CD-Player proves that CDs are not a thing of the past yet. Housed in a beautiful brushed aluminium chassis, CD-1000 is made of high-quality components providing great audio performances and versatile utility: listen to your CD collection, stream music from the computer via USB, connect your TV or DVD-Player for High-End digital music pleasure. The CD-1000 MkII also works as a High-End audio premium quality D/A converter featuring a S/PDIF coaxial and TOS optical digital inputs. A high-resolution USB input is optionally available. The high-quality D/A converter is entrusted to the top of the range Burr Brown DAC chipset available in two versions, the PCM1796 and the PCM1792A performing on the CD-1000 Deluxe model. This solid state source creates natural clean, detailed and accurate sound and can be integrated into any High-End stereo system.

Product details: 

  • DAC:  24bit/192kHz DAC PCM1796 (opt. DELUXE model PCM1792A)
  • Frequency response:  20Hz-20kHz @ +/-0.3dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:  0.001% max
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:  -128dB
  • Dynamic Response:  127dB
  • Output Impedance:  50Ω
  • Digital Input:  1 RCA S/PDIF coaxial, 1 TOS- asynchronous 24bit/192kHz (optional USB input)
  • Line Output Level:  RCA @ 2Volt and balanced XLR @ 4Volt
  • Digital Outputs:  S/PDIF Coax 75Ω
  • Analogue Outputs:  Stereo unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR
  • Volume control:  switchable On/Off digital partializer
  • Mechanic:  aluminium JPL-2800 Stream-Unlimited
  • Speed Fluctuation:  0.0001%
  • Formats: 
    CD formats: Red Book
    Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3
  • Remote control included
  • Power supply: Dual-Mono, 100-120V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Finish: options of Brushed Aluminium Black, Gold or Silver

Dimension: 13.5 H x 43 L x 37.5 W cm


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Made in Italy