Gold Note DS-1000 Mk II DAC

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 83.530.000,00

DS-1000 Mk II DAC from Audio Nirvana, a Gold Note state-of-the-art DAC which integrates a converter and a streamer in one single elegant unit, only for real digital audiophiles.

Audio Nirvana is a curated selection of audio system and accessories personally hand-picked by Chris Bunjamin.

In 2012, Maurizio Aterini founded Gold Note with his wife Elena Basciano, partner Alessio Oronti, and a team of specialized technicians and engineers. Gold Note becomes a high-end audio brand that speaks a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of Italian-made to the whole world. The spirit of their audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future by combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition, namely Tuscany's artistic history and Florence's innovative Renaissance period. 

DS-1000 is the best D/A Converter we have ever made: a true High-End DAC capable of delivering audiophile sound from digital files and that features Network Player functions to let you enjoy your favourite music always with the greatest audio quality. You can easily stream music using the dedicated App and control all functions via the remote control as well as with the intuitive front joggle and TFT display which always displays all setups at a glance.

Product details: 

  • BurrBrown chipset PCM1796 – standard
    BurrBrown chipset PCM1792A – upgrade "Deluxe"
    converts native PCM up to 24bit/192kHz & DSD 64/128/256 native and via DoP
  • Digital input: 1 RCA S/PDIF coaxial and 1 TOS-optical asynchronous 24bit/192kHz
    USB: asynchronous native and DoP DSD64/128/256 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz
    USB: 2 USB-A ports to feed USB flash memories and HDD only FAT32 formatted playing native and DoP DSD64/128/256 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz
  • Audio Outputs: 
    Line output level (fixed): stereo RCA @ 2Volt and balanced XLR @ 4Volt
    Digital output: S/PDIF, 75ohm RCA 24bit
  • 5Hz-200kHz +/-0.3dB frequency response
  • -125dB signal to noise ratio
  • 129dB dynamic response
  • Connectivity: LAN/WLAN WiFi: 802.11b/g via RJ45 10/100Mbps socket and Antenna playing native and DoP DSD64/128/256 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz
  • Remote control app available for iOS and Android
  • Dual-Mono power supply with 30W power consumption
  • Available in Brushed Aluminium finish in Black, Silver or Gold color

Dimension: 43 L x 13.5 H x 37.5 D cm


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Made in Italy