Gold Note PA-1175 Mk II Power Amplifier

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 95.510.000,00

PA-1175 Mk II Power Amplifier from Audio Nirvana is the epitome of power and elegance, a Gold Note innovative power amplifier with a selectable damping factor for easy matching with various types of loudspeakers.

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In 2012, Maurizio Aterini founded Gold Note with his wife Elena Basciano, partner Alessio Oronti, and a team of specialized technicians and engineers. Gold Note becomes a high-end audio brand that speaks a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of Italian-made to the whole world. The spirit of their audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future by combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition, namely Tuscany's artistic history and Florence's innovative Renaissance period. 

Here comes the best power amplifier ever made by Gold Note: PA-1175 MkII is the revised version of Gold Note’s first stereo amplifier, which replaced the awarded Demidoff Anniversary amplifier in 2017. Featuring 4 matched pairs of transistors per channel with a proprietary Gold Note optical BIAS system and a constant current generator which enables high currents and high power rates with ultra low distortion. Top-level electronic components combined with outer RCA and XLR connections as well as original Rhodium Gold Note speaker terminals complete the PA-1175 MkII’s high-level quality. It distinguishes itself by means of an adjustable damping factor (25/250DF) in order to drive any kind of loudspeaker on the market.

The PA-1175 MkII is the second generation of Gold Note High-End stereo Class-A/B Power Amplifier. Its new solid state design features a proprietary Gold Note Optical BIAS proprietary creation that enables a constant current generator to achieve high current and high power with ultra low distortion. Our proprietary and innovative Optical BIAS design controls the voltage of the unit. It features optical decoupling to overcome the downgrading solutions of traditional electronics. Analysing optically the signal while it gets completely separated from the audio signal path assures highest protection and unbeatable performance. To avoid RFI and EMI interferences, the PA-1175 MkII is made of a massive steel chassis and thick aluminium panels vented by the unmistakable Gold Note curved slots design.

Product details: 

  • Power output:  200W@8Ω per channel [520W@8Ω in mono BTL]
  • Frequency response:  1Hz – 100KHz @ ± 1dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  <0.01% @ 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio:  -110dB
  • Damping factor:  Selectable high/low
  • Slew rate:  20V/µs
  • Input sensitivity:  1000mV RCA and 4000mV XLR
  • Input impedance:  47KΩ
  • Power consumption:  1200W max – 1,2 W idle
  • Power transformers:  640VA custom GN toroidal
  • Finishes: Brushed Aluminium in Black, Silver or Gold

Dimension: 43 L x 13.5 H x 37 W cm

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Made in Italy