Gold Note Vasari Phono Cartridge in Gold

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 6.080.000,00

Vasari Phono Cartridge in Gold from Audio Nirvana, a Gold Note MM Phono cartridge, the first step for audiophiles.

Audio Nirvana is a curated selection of audio system and accessories personally hand-picked by Chris Bunjamin.

In 2012, Maurizio Aterini founded Gold Note with his wife Elena Basciano, partner Alessio Oronti, and a team of specialized technicians and engineers. Gold Note becomes a high-end audio brand that speaks a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of Italian-made to the whole world. The spirit of their audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future by combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition, namely Tuscany's artistic history and Florence's innovative Renaissance period. 

Gold Note's entry level MM cartridge features an elliptical diamond tip on the Gold and a conical diamond tip on the Red model. The Vasari Series combines style and technology. It is made of quality materials and the ultra-rigid Aluminium cantilever makes Vasari a superb tracker able to extract all the information from the vinyl groove. Vasari is a first step for audiophiles looking for High-End sound and as such provides truly excellent performances in its category. Vasari is available in two models, the Gold made with a duraluminum body and the Red with a special ultra-dampening photopolymer resin body. Both feature an output level of 4mV.


Product details: 

  • Output level:  4mV
  • Frequency response: 15-25000Hz
  • Impedance: 1000Ω
  • Suggested load:  47KΩ
  • Inductance:  500mH
  • Compliance: 10×10-6cm/dyne
  • Channel separation: > 22dB
  • Channel balance: < 2dB
  • Suggested tracking weight: 2g
  • Cantilever: Aluminium
  • Diamond: 7.5*15.5μm Eliptical
  • Copper coil wire
  • Alnico magnet
  • Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm
  • Finishes: Duraluminium in black with golden logo


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Made in Italy