Gradient Indigo Plate

by Ayu Larasati

IDR 425.000,00

Gradient Indigo Plate, handmade exclusively for Canaan by Ayu Larasati, a Jakarta-Based potter.

All pieces are handmade individually thrown and trimmed on a pottery wheel. They are glazed with dipping method and fired to 1240 degree Celsius. All pieces use high fire stonewares and safe to be used for eating, drinking and placed inside a cooking oven. 

Ayu Larasati Studio strives on crafting individual one-off artisan ceramic pieces. The work relies heavily on process, design research, and various methods of ceramic productions; valuing the pursuit of knowledge and mastery above all else. 

Dimension: 22 L x 22 H x 3W cm

Care instructions: 

  • Handwash whenever possible
  • Avoid use in microwaves

Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in Indonesia