'Haku' Shirt

by Mote Mote

IDR 1.199.000,00

'Haku' Shirt, hand-crafted by Mote Mote, as part of their Red Label collection.


  • Loose-cut long sleeve top made of poplin fabric
  • Lace on the sleeves with clean stitchings
  • Small pearl buttons
  • Adorned with rich hand-beaded embellishments.

Details: Glass and plastic beads embellishment

Mote Mote portrays endless imaginations, emotions, and idealism, combined with aesthetic elements delivered in a collective of genderless silhouettes enriched with unexpected details. Their pieces collide traditional bead-work with modern and ravishing designs, and their hand-crafted embellishments creates a signature through its imperfections. With distinctive details and optimal comfort, every Mote Mote piece is mindfully created to last beyond the season.

Poplin fabric

Floral lace

Hand-embroidered beads

All size (fits S - L)

Made in Indonesia