Alien Objects

'Istanbul' Eau de Parfum

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The 'Istanbul' Eau de Parfum, handmade by Alien Objects as part of their Black Label collection. 

Inspired by the ottoman Suleymaniye Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul will remind you of exotic travels in Western Asia. Spice up your day with oud-infused rose lokum scents from a blend of lemon, orange, rose, geranium, raspberry, caramel, musk, amber, sandalwood and oud.

A self-taught perfumer, founder Lucky Heng has always found solace and peace in the power of scents. By extension, Alien Objects are mused from the heart and crafted by hand, using only the finest natural ingredients to connect the wearer with the universe - their blends unique, clean, and refined. Immerse yourselves in a borrowed new world and create everlasting memories with Alien Objects. 

Lasts 6 - 8 hours


Shipping within Indonesia only


Made in Indonesia