Kebaya Encim in Brick

IDR 1.950.000,00

Kebaya Encim in Brick with signature single flower brooch, handcrafted by ANW. Inspired by traditional kebaya encim with two thread colours, this piece comes with a brooch made from sterling silver. 

This collection rooted from ANW’s obsession over kebaya encim since two years ago. Seeing kebaya pieces that have been worn and passed down from generation to generation, has made them realise the absence of strong cultural roots and traditional practices in her own family. ANW ruminated and was determined for their clothing to be an evolving piece of tradition that could be passed onto one's descendants as a family heirloom.

ANW by Astrid Nadia Wiradinata is a Jakarta-based customisable ready-to-wear brand that creates casual and formal garments for all genders. Being sustainably conscious, they strive to accentuate value in the things we own. Distinctive yet ambiguous, personal and inclusive, the feel-good factor and personal sentiments are essential to every ANW piece.
Regular fit 

Embroidered Pleated Tulle with Sterling Silver brooch

90% Polyester 10% Cotton

Care instructions: 
  • Hand wash in cold water with soft detergent
  • Hang to dry, do not iron

Made in Indonesia