La Crêpe Hat in Blue Emmenthal

IDR 399.000,00
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Égon presents a selection of adjustable sun hats in delightful colours and textures.

This limited edition Blue Emmenthal is crocheted by hand, made by Égon exclusive for Canaan Studio. 

Friends Hanifia Rahmadiani and Titi Trisnaharti founded Égon with the essence of timelessness and handicraft in everyday pieces - they claim that "there is beauty in waiting and patience is a virtue". Their muses stretch from Éric Rohmer's visuals and the French new wave film scene to 'Ophelia', an English Victorian painting by Sir John Everett Millais; vintage european aesthetics is clearly imbued throughout their collection.

100% polyester yarn

100% polyester lining

Care instructions: 

  • Store in dust bag when not in use
  • Use damp cloth and mild liquid detergent to clean the surface
  • Stretches over time with use


Dimension: 31 L x 9 H cm, with 16 D cm (forehead)

Made in Indonesia