Lavender Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer 30ML

IDR 46.200,00
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Lavender and Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer, handmade by S.O.W.

Fine mists of natural ingredients to swiftly remove dirt and bacteria leaves the skin cleansed without the dryness. The fragrance is soft and calming, never overpowering.

Scene of Wonders is a natural home and body fragrance company for art lovers who support ethical sourcing, hygiene education and small businesses. S.O.W. was born to fulfill one purpose: as a means to reminisce about our Indonesia. They proudly incorporate only the best locally-sourced ingredients that paint the perfect picture of S.O.W's character; all natural, eco-friendly and produced in collaboration with local artisans. To support local welfare, they have also committed to donating a portion of their profits to aid hygiene education for children and families. 


Made in Indonesia