Further Reading x Duft & Chandelle

'Library No. 2' Scented Candle

IDR 455.000,00

'Library No. 2' Scented Candle is concocted by Further Reading and produced by Duft & Chandelle. Made out of 100% wax, the candle is meant to capture the ambiance of old library rooms, with characteristics of wood and paper.

Moments after its first burn, top notes of spruce and black pepper will fill the room. Its sharp impression then gives way to the middle notes—also known as the heart—of palo santo. After the middle notes dissipate, warm and smoky base notes of rosewood and oud will take its place, lingering in the room long before fading.

Further Reading is an independent multi-format publishing platform that compiles reading references, produces design periodicals, curates exhibitions and organises workshops. They seek to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring through the wider contexts. 


Limited edition of 50

6 oz

Burn time of approx. 25 hours


Made in Indonesia