Lumière Vital C Mega Kit

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A Lumière Vital C Mega Kit by Femmue, just in time for the festive season.

A cruelty-free skincare brand from South Korea, Femmue embodies the latest innovation in modern botanical cosmetics. Stemming from passion for the energy of flowers, they have developed their ingredients as "flower therapy" for the body and mind



  • FEMMUE Lumière Vital C 50ml
  • FEMMUE Ideal Oil 10ml
  • FEMMUE Ideal Crème Riche 5g
  • FEMMUE Dream Glow Mask Radiance 1pcs

Product benefits

Lumière Vital C Serum

This serum employs a stabilized vitamin C derivative, which effectively helps even skin tone, brighten dark spots, and refine texture.

Ideal to treat: turn back the hands of time and restore that radiance of youth.


Ideal Oil 

100% naturally derived, this magical concoction is a blend of 67% pure camelia oil harnessed from pristine Jeju Island, working together with other superb oils like olive, rosa, grapeseed, and jasmine as well as vitamin E to help combat aging and help firm skin.

Ideal to treat: leaves the skin smooth with subtle scent and calm.


Ideal Crème Riche

Camellia flower, Camellia Seed Oil, fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E joins together and actively protect the skin from environmental aggressors like UV, blue light, traffic pollution, and also reduces inflammation and redness. A luxurious velvety lecture that helps the skin fight the signs of aging, fine lines, sensitive and aggravated skin, itchy skin, uneven texture and redness. 

Ideal to treat: aging skin by turning back the hands of time and help skin appear firm and glowing


Dream Glow Mask Radiance 

A sheet mask that contains dried bio-cellulose, botanical ingredients and niacinamide, the Dream Glow Mask will brighten the appearance of your skin and absorbs dead skin cells. Formulated by Hyaluronic Acid which effectively moisturises and reduces wrinkles in skin and slows down signs of aging. 

Ideal to treat: dullness in skin for all skin types.  



Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in South Korea