Mask Spray 60ML

by Teurak

IDR 58.000,00

Mask Spray in 30ml, concocted by Teurak. This spray effective kills virus, germs and bacteria on your mask; the homblend essential oils also keeps it smelling fresh and has an additional soothing benefit to your respiratory system.

The orange dot of confidence, Teurak was first squeezed as an intuitively-made personal concoction of the many things that sprouts around us. A small lot went a long way and they have brought together souls who yearn to bloom in confidence. Teurak creates potent concoctions for your hair, your healing process, and your happiness. 

A blend of 70% alcohol, distilled water, Teurak homeblend immune booster of eucalyptus, clove, lemon, cinnamon, bark and rosemary.

How to apply

Spray a fine mist on the inside of your face mask at a distance of about 20-30 cm and wait for 30 seconds before wearing the mask. If the scent is too intense for you, simply wait a little longer before putting your face mask back on.



Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in Bandung, Indonesia