'Medusa' Ceramic Lamp

by Margaret Yap

IDR 2.000.000,00 IDR 2.500.000,00

'Medusa' Ceramic Lamp by Margaret Yap, exclusive for Niniveh and Canaan Studio. Handmade and uniquely yours.


About Medusa

Medusa wakes up in the year 2021 in a little China Town. Her cursed hair has turned into curls of noodles! She cannot believe the reflection in the mirror in front of her. She then opens a noodle shop, provoking the jealousy of Athena. Fortunately, the business thrives, so Medusa could hire a lawyer to rebuke Athena's ludicrous wrath and Poseidon's lewd seduction. 

For Margaret Yap, pottery allows her to wander within her own mind space and design senses. Her explosive imagination, abstract and psychedelic, is what gives birth to the objects' unique shape and signature pattern.


Light bulb included. 

Dimension: 22 H x 17 L x 14 W cm


Available for in-store pickup at Niniveh

Shipping within Indonesia only

For shipping outside of Indonesia, please email us at canaanstudioteam@gmail.com


Made in Indonesia