Margaret Yap x Égon

'Meg Party Queen' Crochet Ceramic Lamp

IDR 2.360.000,00 IDR 2.950.000,00

'Meg Party Queen' Crochet Ceramic Lamp by Margaret Yap in collaboration with Égon, exclusive for Canaan Studio.  Available in other colours, this witty collaborative piece combining Margaret Yap's hand-built pottery and Égon's signature crocheting is handmade and uniquely yours.

"Meg loves her food. Thus she prefers her hair down to cover her chubby cheeks. She dreams of being Rapunzel, but her hair grows at a low pace. Meg comes to the party looking for a guy to dance with, but the food they serve at this party distracts her from her original mission." 

Dimension: 26 H x 14-22 D cm


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Made in Indonesia