Duft & Chandelle

Natural Candle in Beaumaris

IDR 400.000,00

The Beaumaris is hand-poured in Jakarta by Duft & Chandelle. An in-house favourite, Beaumaris is expectedly green and grassy, perfect as a day starter to boost your inner tranquility and confidence. 

Blend of green grass, lemon, pine, and wild flowers

Aiming to offer the combination of olfactory and aesthetic experience, Jakarta-based Duft & Chandelle produce premium quality scented soy candles to the fragrance perfection. Only the finest ingredients are selected and blended to give best results. Be it for table settings, room décor, mood booster or simply as a light source, Duft & Chandelle is your olfactory pleasure.

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, essential oils, and fragrance oils


Burn time of 40 Hours

Made in Indonesia