by Chris Bunjamin Studio

IDR 1.800.000,00

SE/POTONG book designed by Artnivora featuring Chris Bunjamin.

Sepotong can mean a piece, a part, a chunk, or literally a cut of something. This issue is a play on the word’s semantics and consequently toys with the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Showcasing photographs that were never published - the odd ones, the shots that didn't go through, re-designed and cropped to create a series of photographic stories, hence the name: SE/POTONG. 

Chris Bunjamin’s approach to photography is initiated in the timeless, subtle, expedient moments of the surroundings he is in. As he yearns for the authentic, he brings his delicately-tuned outlook as an active observer and choreograph real connections with his subjects. Whether constructing personal shots of fleeting moments of framing the grandeur of nature alongside details of modernity, his aesthetic is “vast, yet intimate”, acknowledging different kinds of lighting to capture colours that are subtle and harmonious.

Dimensions: 27 H x 21 L cm

99 pages

Published in 2019

Printed in Indonesia