PDKT-chan 02 Cushion

by Kanoko Takaya

IDR 790.000,00

PDKT-chan is a Kan Kan Cushion by Kanoko Takaya.

Kan Kan is designer Kanoko Takaya's alter ego. Sometimes it is Kanoko herself, other times it is her friend. Kanoko used to make Kan Kan as a big doll, but this time she tried to recreate it into a cushion so that everyone can bring Kan Kan home.


Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Kanoko grew up traveling to Indonesia with her mother when she was little. In 2014, Kanoko moved to Indonesia and is now residing in Bali. She has done numerous exhibitions since 2016, showing across Tokyo, Jakarta and Bali. To Kanoko, emotions are interpreted through textures and expressions. Her works come in the form of interactive and wall installations, playing with materials such as wood, threads and different kinds of fabrics.

Made of absorbent towel

Dimension: 48 H x 47 L cm 


Made in Indonesia