Peggy Choker with Coral Beads and Prasiolite

by Argent Studio x Canaan

IDR 850.000,00

Peggy Choker with Coral Beads and Prasiolite, handmade by Argent Studio in collaboration with Canaan Studio. 

The Peggy is inspired by the duality of Peggy Guggenheim, an eccentric heiress who’s heavily involved in Dadaism movement. The choice of coral beads and Prasiolite represents her facade of a carefree, playful and mischievous character while a second choker adorned with turquoise beads and Crystal Quartz represents her true nature of a deep and critical thinker.

About the collaboration

The chokers are inspired by the lives and art of iconic surrealist painters such as Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí. The notorious life story of René Crevel and infamous heiress Peggy Guggenheim as figures of the surrealism movement also played a big role in the pieces' design.


Argent Studio 925 is a celebration of great mythologies, legendary love stories and bittersweet secrets. They are an epitome of ethereal yet practical wearable pieces of art. Every gemstone is individually hand-selected and ethically sourced from the mines in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Afghanistan, and Brazil. The pearls are exclusively and legally sourced from the southern part of Indonesia, one of the most prominent freshwater and saltwater producers in the world. Designed globally by Karista Krishna and handmade locally in Bali by 5th and 6th generation silversmiths. 


18k gold vermeil

925 Italian sterling silver 

Coral beads

Prasiolite stone

Care instructions: 

  • Store individually
  • Wipe with very soft cloth to avoid scratching
  • Avoid contact with foreign substance i.e. perfume, lotion, etc. 


Made in Indonesia