Muhammad Fadli

Rebel Riders

IDR 1.000.000,00

Rebel Riders by photographer Muhammad Fadli

Simply put, Rebel Riders is about the Indonesian Extreme Vespa community. It began with the iconic Italian Vespa by Piaggio that has a special place in the heart of Indonesian motorists. The earliest version on the street dates back to the 1960s, when Indonesian peacekeepers in Africa returned to the country and was awarded Vespa bikes by the government. Across the archipelago, some communities transform the originals into versions never imagined by Piaggio. Some of these Vespas have more than twenty tires attached to cheap DIY steel frames. Some are adorned with a buffalo skeleton, bamboo, garbage, or anything the owners could scrape along the road. Its uniqueness, which represents freedom of expression, attracts metalheads, punks, and ­rastafarians as its die-hard fans.

Jakarta-based and Sumatran-born photographer Muhammad Fadli initially started the project as part of his participation in Obscura Photofestival's Southeast Asian Photography Masterclass under the mentorship of Jörg Brüggemann and Tobias Kruse. From there his love of the Extreme Vespa community grew into this photobook. Muhammad's photography focuses on documentaries and portraits, with his current personal projects exploring themes such as history, subcultures, environmental and social issues. 


Hardcover, clothbound with embossed image and foil stamping

Dimension: 20 L x 28 H

128 pages

Published by Dienacht Magazine, Germany

Designed by Calin Kruse in collaboration with Yana Kruse