Chris Bunjamin Studio

Red Fussball Table, 2018

IDR 20.000.000,00

Archival ink jet photographs by Chris Bunjamin for Berdiam/Bertandang. Exhibited in National Gallery of Indonesia and presented by Art for Refuge.
"During my time teaching the students at Rohan School, I have learned that Football (soccer) is one of the children's favourite activity. The red colour resembles the urgency to bring people's awareness of the refugees' condition in our society. And the plastic covered characters resembles the 'sense of separation' of refugees trying to blend into our local community's activity" - Chris Bunjamin
Berdiam/Bertandang is categorised into two components. First and foremost, it’s a showcase of the works of these refugee kids that are produced over the course of their art classes, under the tutelage of Katrina Wardhana who teaches painting and photographer Chris Bunjamin who teaches photography. The second and larger component of the exhibition is a portrayal of the refugees from the eyes of Indonesian artists, among them is Chris himself. Read more about the exhibition here.

Numbered edition of 5 copies
Dimension: 119 L x 84 H cm (artwork)
Shot in 2018.