Rose Softener


IDR 441.000,00 IDR 490.000,00

Rose Softener by Femmue.

This delightfully refreshing Rose Softener with 90% of Damask Rose water, instantly turns your skin soft, supple, and smooth after cleansing. With a blend of Rose essential oil, Centella and reen tea, it calms and brightens skin, helping to clarify the pores. 

A cruelty-free skincare brand from South Korea, Femmue embodies the latest innovation in modern botanical cosmetics. Stemming from passion for the energy of flowers, they have developed their ingredients as "flower therapy" for the body and mind

Ideal to treat: acts as a soothing toner serum - Rose Softener boosts for the next step of your skin care routine. Awaken all your senses with Femmue’s delightful rose scent.



Shipping within Indonesia only

Made in South Korea