Serpent Eye Ring in High Polish

by Ruang

IDR 1.800.000,00

Serpent Eye Ring in High Polish, handmade by Ruang. This silver ring with embedded diamond is also available in a matte finish. 

As part of their Luster collection, Ruang explores the simplicity in complex, deep-coloured gemstones and the beauty that can be found in hidden and unassuming places. They wanted to birth a ring with two different finishings that could be worn in stacks or alone by both a feminine and masculine being; a versatile piece.

Ruang began from the love of creating and the realisation that the freedom to create is priceless and something that we hold as great importance in our lives. Being somewhat familiar with silversmithing techniques in Bali, Ruang’s end goal is to support silversmiths so that the newer generation will continue this craft and can actually sustain themselves and their family with it. This is done by producing slow and less, according to demand and at the same time trying to pay a fair wage to the silversmiths. 

925 silver 


Adjustable in size US 6


Made in Indonesia