Pubumésu x Canaan

Sumatran Tiger Fan

IDR 1.800.000,00
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Sumatran Tiger Leather Fan, handmade by Pubumésu in collaboration with Canaan for WWF Indonesia as a symbol of strength and power.

The Sumatran tiger is one of only six subspecies of tiger that survives today. They are classified as critically endangered, and in 2004, there were less than 400 individuals of Sumatran tigers in the wild. To highlight their plight, Pubumésu has collaborated with Canaan Bali to create the Tiger Fan.

Founder Putri Soediono had an eccentric Javanese upbringing, with a deep rooted and rich cultural history. This translates to Pubumésu's unique pieces that tell stories of Indonesian folklore - the smells and colours of bustling markets in this corner of the world, all of which are beautifully translated into timeless and eclectic pieces that will be cherished forever. Pubumésu also works with local craftsmen dedicated to the art of leather craft for every cut, stitch, shaping, forming, and treatment, using tanned leather from cattle found in the island of Java, Indonesia. 

Dimensions: 41.5 L x 23.5 H cm

100% tanned leather fan blades

Oxen horn handle

Comes with Pubumésu dustbag

Made in Indonesia