Sumi-e Cup

by Haryo Soenggono

IDR 390.000,00

Two-sided Sumi-e Cup by Haryo Soenggono, a signature raku-influenced Japanese ceramic.  The name Sumi-e (墨絵風) is in reference to the strokes in the cup's glaze, similar to those found in traditional Japanese ink wash paintings. 

Please keep in mind that each product is individually thrown therefore there will be natural variations between the pieces.

Haryo Soenggono is a potter based in Jakarta who has been making ceramics for the last 20 years. A graduate of civil engineering from the University of Indonesia, Seoggono now finds himself managing his own ceramic studio in the south of Jakarta.

Dimensions: 8.5 D x 8.5 H cm

Shipping worldwide

Made in Indonesia