Tō Jug in Light Brown

by Tana Ceramics

IDR 637.500,00 IDR 750.000,00

Tō Jug with rattan handle in Light Brown, handmade by Tana Ceramics. Also available in Dark Brown.

Please keep in mind that each product is individually thrown therefore there will be natural variations between the pieces.

Derived from philosophy of the earth, Tana Ceramics is a quaint, local artisan that specializes in hand-building techniques. Originated from the Indonesian word, 'Tanah' is a vital part of our cycle that supports all living thing. Hand-crafted with love, Tana (タナ) is a small reminder that everything that stands on the ground comes from the earth's soil. 

Dimension: 23 H x 15 L x 10.5 D cm

Shipping worldwide

Made in Indonesia