Vermouth Black Pearl Mk II Analog Interconnect 1M (Set of 2)

by Audio Nirvana

IDR 750.000,00

A pair of 1-metre long Black Pearl Mk II Analog Interconnects from Audio Nirvana by Vermouth. 

Audio Nirvana is a curated selection of audio system and accessories personally hand-picked by Chris Bunjamin.

Bali-based Vermouth Audio’s humble beginning was born when a small dream is met with a huge passion and desire in 2010, crafting connectors, cables, electronics to loudspeakers with imported parts from Europe, America, and Asia. Vermouth's philosophy has always been to provide the best high end products possible under a price which most can afford. Upholding the belief that quality should not be compromised, their satisfaction comes solely from when passion is shared.

The perfect blend of solid core and multi size OCC conductor wrapped in high quality teflon insulation makes the Black Pearl Mk II one of the most advanced and complex cables Vermouth has ever produced to date, perfecting the already sensational old Black Pearl. They decided to go to basic, by having the a high quality main material. Once the fundamental aspect of a cable is made right, we then incorporated air tubes and cotton filler for electrical and mechanical purposes. The perfected Black Pearl, the Mk II core strengths materialize in its ability to produce breathtaking mid range frequencies, taking realism of sound to maximum. Recordings are projected as natural and vivid as never before with a soundstage which will thrill your ears and touch your emotion. 

      Cable termination options: 

      • 1M RCA-FT01-Rho-Ho Pair
      • Additional pair per 25cm

        (Please contact us for additional lengths more than 2 metres)

      Dimension: 100 L cm


      Please note that this item is pre-order only and will be available in 1-2 weeks.  

      Shipping worldwide

      Assembled in Indonesia