Vidro Necklace

by Amstamb

IDR 990.000,00

Vidro Necklace, handmade by Amstamb. A silver chain necklace with a dented balloon-like object.

Jakarta-based Amstamb is a brand that focuses on the study of three-dimensional metalwork, in the form of jewelry and other metal adornments. They believe on ‘the act of making’ and strives to imprint the makers’ fondness in the smithing process of each and every creation. Using predominantly pure silver as the main medium, they observe the rawest form, such as the natural shape of a rock or deranged movements of wind waves, to the most delicate pieces like floating draperies or a blown glass.

One size

Dimensions: 3.6 H x 2.3 L cm with 43 cm chain

Pure silver

Polish kit included

Care instructions: 

  • Avoid contact with foreign substances i.e. lotion or perfume. Make sure they are dry before wearing your jewellery
  • Avoid contact with water for a prolonged period of time
  • After use, remove dirt using cotton ball or any soft cloth. This will also help restore shine
  • To avoid scratches, keep your jewellery in a soft cloth of small pouch individually

Made in Indonesia