Yukata #001 in Blue Moon

by Uma Bumi

IDR 1.500.000,00

Naturally-dyed Yukata #001 in Blue Moon, handmade by Uma Bumi. Available in other colours.

Uma Bumi is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand based in Indonesia. Capturing the juxtaposition of Bali seaside life and its ancient craftsmanship, focusing on a compelling yet simple design to produce versatile silhouettes that is personal and distinctively their own. Research on materials and fabrics are the constant thing they do to embody the celebration of local artisans. 

Loose fit

One size

Dimension: Length 110 cm, Sleeve 80 cm, Waist 165 cm


100% Organic Indian Cotton - Natural Dyed

Care instructions: 

  • Machine wash cold in a delicate cycle to avoid shrinkage
  • Use a laundry net to avoid abrasion with other fabrics
  • Do not bleach to avoid discoloration
  • Air dry and avoid direct sunlight
  • Iron in low heat
  • Organic Cotton softens naturally with usage and washing

    Made in Indonesia