Exploring Natural Dye with Canaan Bali

Canaan new Shibori Collection is making a comeback with five new color tones all dyed using Balinese plants and flowers all grown in the South of Bali, namely Gianyar. This season we are introducing Nari, Sonah, Dhuma, Nilah and Deva Tee made using the softest bamboo and cotton blends all sourced locally in Bali. We have continued on to produce all our clothing ware in Bali with the finest tailors and passionate artisans. 

The making of Shibori is quite a technical application, the motifs that you see on the t-shirts are not printed but made using folded or clamped methods usually with ribbons or wooden blocks. In our case we dyed with the folded method.

It is a fun and therapeutic process because the result are always unpredictable as it is all done manually and individually before the tees are dip dyed into the dye vats. That is why no two tees are the same as natural dyes produce varying results depending just like a living organism! The natural dyes are extracted from plants and flowers all grown locally, there is an indigofera plant which is really indigo plants (no they are not blue in color!) they are green like most plants and takes many hours to extract the color to become a deep blue. 

We always worked with the same dyers in Gianyar since 2015 and we are so blessed to have collaborated with them all these years. There is so much more to natural dyeing that we have not shared here and will try to share more in the upcoming weeks.