Still Life vol. 4: Bonbon Playground

Still Life vol. 4: Bonbon Playground

Showcasing two contrasting ceramic artists in a playful setting. This Still Life combines Adinegara's minimalist vases and sake bottle with Haryo Soenggono's Japanese raku-inspired pottery plates and bowls. Imagine an afternoon of garden picnic snacking on your favourite treats - a heavenly spread for your sweet tooth. Reflect the beauty of your surroundings with the nuance of a cheerful gathering. 

A visual styling journal of ceramic tablewares by our Niniveh team, featuring stoneware from Adinegara and Haryo Soenggono, with appearances from Tana Ceramics and Vessels by Vien, as well as Canaan brass cutleries.

Stylist: Vania Delvina
Photographer: Nadine Khalissya



Daydreams of a picnic spread, .. 


mouthwatering sweets, tarts and cakes, .. 


playful nuance of an afternoon well-spent, .. 


cloaked with a sense of tranquility, ..


in this garden of earthly delights. 




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