Traversing Through Bead-Threading: Naya Moeda on Petite Amie

Traversing Through Bead-Threading: Naya Moeda on Petite Amie

 More than a year after the pandemic, most still yearn for travelling as a form of escape from their isolation bubble, a sentiment that we heavily share and look forward to. A newcomer and fellow creative who is in the same boat is Naya Moeda from Petite Amie who created an exclusive collection just for us. Needless to say, her collection of storage containers are inspired by bohemian travel destinations that leave the most impression on her person.

Journey through Naya's process to bead-threading, what she considers the most impressionable art style, and her observations of the emerging arts scene in Jakarta, among others. 


1. Which art style(s) influence you the most?

I prefer things that are unordinary and eccentric so I would say that surrealism is the art style that influences me most, such as Salvador Dalí's paintings and especially Erik Satie's surrealist musical composition. I came across this realisation during painting lessons when I was 19. I have an inquisitive mind and surrealism helps me to tap into my wild imagination and give it the room to truly get creative with my craft. The eye-catching and often unusual work of surrealism art is also reflected in the patterns and designs I create for my bead-threading.

Caricature of Erik Satie by Santiago Rusiñol, 1891. 


2. During a time of distress, people tend to turn to a place of comfort. What started your bead-threading journey?

I found inspiration in the #PlantParent trend of growing and caring indoor plants, but unfortunately, I have yet to succeed in keeping one alive. Instead, I opted for a different alternative of turning basic tin cans into decorative planters to repot my houseplants. The idea grew into a full-blown hobby during the pandemic where it also helped me to stay productive at home. Bead-threading has been my escape to stay sane. Since the inception, I have come up with new designs in a variety of colourful palettes giving more options to buyers.


3. What is your opinion on the independent arts scene in Jakarta a year after the pandemic?

Truthfully, it has been saddening and encouraging at the same time. The pandemic has hit the independent arts scene particularly hard with numerous event cancelations and postponements. This is still happening today. This slap of reality felt like weights on the shoulders of independent artists thus some have had to shut their doors. On the other hand, the pandemic ignited a renewed spirit among the scene where artists have harnessed technology to stay afloat during this time. I’ve seen artists offer a virtual access to their work where the public can digitally view their craft, and more importantly, digital channels encourage inclusivity because all visitors are welcomed.

Overall, I have witnessed the resilience of those in the indie art scene who are doing the best to their ability to stay alive. My hope is that post-pandemic, the public will have a greater appreciation and awareness of the scene in general.


4. As a fellow creative, how important is self-expression through art for you?

Self-expression through art is extremely important for me because it is a medium where we can tune into our soul and give it the space to ‘speak’ which is beneficial for our wellbeing. Art provides individuals the chance to not only express themselves constructively, but it ignites the creative and quirky side in all of us. Art is also an outlet to do something positive and prevents us from turning to destructive behaviors.

Naya Moeda at an art festival for health and mental wellbeing

5. What is the most impactful lesson you’ve learned as a small business owner?

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is that business isn’t always about money or profit. Benjamin Franklin once stated, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” and I have tried to apply this in my business approach. It is more important for me to keep learning particularly because innovation is so important in every business activity.



  • Favourite pastime?

Traveling and creative arts like music and writing are some of my favorite pastimes. Creative arts allow my mind to free itself and traveling nurtures my curious mind.

  • A medium you wish to explore?

Establishing a fashion statement, because I find inner joy in selecting outfits with various patterns and colors. To me, fashion is another form of self-expression through art.

  • Some things that help you stay focused?

I have never been one to cook all that often, but the pandemic has shown the upside of cooking. It helps me to maintain my focus to nail the umami flavor of certain foods.


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