Still Life vol. 2: Afternoon Tea Time

Still Life vol. 2: Afternoon Tea Time

As Lunar New Year coincides with Valentines Day, it was a week filled with love, luck and opulence. To celebrate the occasion, we want to showcase our collection of handbuilt and wheel-thrown ceramic mugs, plates, vases and more in place of festive gatherings. Imagine yourselves winding down with your cup of tea and some tasty snacks on the side.


A visual styling journal of ceramic vessels and tablewares by our Niniveh team, featuring stoneware from Tana Ceramics, Haryo Soenggono, Rumpun Maison and Vessels by Vien.
Stylist: Vania Delvina
Photographer: Nadine Khalissya

A relaxing afternoon, with your green tea on one hand, ..



and assorted snacks on the other, ..


accompanied by a bouquet of blooming flowers, ..




we feast, laugh and celebrate these serene days of togetherness.


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